Saturday, April 25, 2009

Big Fat Ice Trucker Fakers

I'm not much into reality I wasn't aware that there was a show called "Ice Road Truckers"...or something like that. From what I gather it's a Discovery channel show about truckers driving on icy roads, okie dokie...not interesting to me but I guess there is somebody out there watching, and they think it's the real deal.
Well, last night I had the misfortune of watching them "fake it".
Driving home over the mountain pass from the cabin, the seventh car in line, the first ones through after the long winter closure...I was soooo happy not to have to drive the long way around.
And then.
We stopped.
Because this truck was hanging off the edge of the highway at the hairpin curve. The story is that the Ice Road Trucker people wanted to roll a big semi truck over the cliff and film it, but the truck got tumbling, no rolling, no fire, no Big Faker Ice Trucker footage to suck people in...oooooing and ahhhing on cable TV.
Just one cranky lady who still had three hours to drive who really wanted to get her own show on the road...dang it!
Today I googled Ice Road Trucker just to see what all the fuss was about.
Hmmm....people watch this stuff.
Oh well....some people babble away on blogs ;)
Other people watch fake truck crashes on cable TV.

The show is supposed to air in May, I think I'm busy.


quilly said...

It sounds terminally boring!

Lori said...

There is just so much CRAP on tv. I do watch the Biggest Loser and Survivor, mainly because I want to be a Biggest Loser and I have a crush on one of the guys on Survivor. Good gats. Other than an occassional PBS show that would be the end of it. your post reminds me why that is it.