Monday, July 13, 2009

Berry Breath

The mystery has been solved.
There isn't a fence around the garden so we have to share.
The bunnies got all the basil...I was cranky but got over it.
I've been stalking slugs so that they don't cut down my beans again, I had to replant because of those slimy creatures.
The raspberries aren't netted so we lose quite a few of them to birds, but birds don't usually go for berries at the lower end of the bush...we just couldn't figure it out.
But then we caught this little dear out in the raspberries, snacking away. sweet little Bergie has berry breath, guess I should offer her a bowl and some ice cream.


quilly said...

Raspberry Bergie!

Sharon said...

My Sophie used to eat my cucumbers! She wouldn't eat the whole cucumber, she'd just take a bite out of each one.

Carletta said...

Nice to see a post. :)
Hope work is going well.

Jodi said...


Lori said...

Who would have "thunk" a dog would go for raspberries. Obviously, she has a refined palate.

for the love of a house said...

I agree with Lori, who would have thunk?! I guess any lab!

Tami said...

Recipes? Please.

Dianne said...

she looks so contrite there