Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Treasure Hunt

Oh. My. Goodnes.
I'm on a little remodeling break, this stuff isn't for sissies ...or for that matter fifty year old women with back issues. It's still fun, even through a haze of muscle relaxers and pain killers...better remodeling through chemistry.
I keep looking for treasures, for that wedding ring of Carolines that was lost more than forty years ago, anything! There was a newspaper from July 27, was stapled into the soffit in the kitchen - that was fun to look was 69 cents a pound. It's obvious that every farm family that lived here over the last 110 years was on a shoestring budget, nothing was wasted, this old house was built sturdy but without any frills. The remodel from 1961 gutted the kitchen and changed the footprint from what I can tell. I was told that in the late sixties they blew in insulation...well...they did that on the north side of the house, but not a spec on the south wall...I guess insulation was considered a frill. Bare studs, not a spec of fuzzy stuff anywhere - unless you count spider wonder my heating bills cause choking and gasping every winter.
I've taken little snapshots of all of the different wallpaper samples...some are pretty...others...not so much.
But last night while we were peeling back layer after layer of linoleum, sub floor, plywood and tar paper...I found this flooring.
I like it!

I wish I knew the stories of the families that lived here before me...because I think I would like the lady that chose this flooring for the living area.
I can't help but wonder who she was and how she spent her days.
These are the things I think about while I'm crouched on the floor with my nail puller and pry bar.


jkluginbill said...

Sounds like the remodel is coming along wonderfully...pain killers make everything better.

When my aunt remodeled her kitchen she made a little shadow box with pieces of all the past wallpapers and newspapers she found. It's one of my favorite pieces of "art" in her house.


quilly said...

Oh my goodness! That was the flooring in our neighbor's huge old Victorian house. They had it in the huge dining room! What a rush it was to see this.

Dianne said...

'remodeling through chemistry' !!
that's priceless

pretty floor