Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tile Time

Okay...that was fun!
Here's a shot of the back entry - we couldn't decide what to put on the floor, I was a little obsessed with the possibility of the washer leaking - been there done that...too many times. I stumbled upon this flooring at the local home improvement store, it was really inexpensive and I was hoping it would match the other flooring - the colors were perfect! This weekend I decided to see if I could put it down...what a breeze, it was so easy I could hardly believe it - sometimes this home improvement adventure is just plain fun...and sometimes it's not... but we won't go there right now.
I don't know how long this flooring will last, but for right now I don't's in....I love was super easy - - - I'm happy ;)

And now for something pretty outside.
The magnolia is ready to pop...this is always my favorite stage of bloom,
this amazing promise of beauty


quilly said...

Oh! I want to visit! I love the scent of Magnolia in bloom.

That flooring is beautiful. The fact that it was inexpensive and easy to install is like triple bonus!

Tami said...

It's very pretty! Looks easy to keep clean AND it was easy to install... score!

Dianne said...

love the floor!
hope your back is feeling good

those sweet buds are wonderful!!

Lori said...

I cant be too sure but I think it is the exact same flooring we put in our hold house in the kitchen. I ended up doing this honey peachish colors on the wall. Everybody was not that into the color of the walls until all was said and done. It came out pretty lovely and best of all it was a warm relaxing color.

I love hearing about your adventures in home improvement- like I do all things with you Shelly.

kenju said...

I really like that flooring. We need a change!

I love the helleborus in your header!

cotedetexas said...

you brought your own couch? I thought I was bad!!!!