Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Dizzy Gardener

Lovely...absolutely lovely.

The Husband and I went on the Horticultural Society Garden Tour this weekend.
Ooooo Laaa Laaaa!

We've been trying to play catch-up around here, the last thing we need is to go trotting off to drool over other peoples gardens, and that's exactly why we try to go every year.
To dream, to gawk, to marvel at the time, energy, creativity and oh yeah...lots of money that other people spend on their gardens.

The other thing this gardener/blogger doesn't need is more ideas for her own garden, because she has about 3767 unfinished projects at this old farm.

But there they were, those chairs..painted to a big black shiny pot.

Wait...I have chairs just like that! I should paint them black!
And set that big shiny black pot I have next to them..and plant purple blooming plants...and set it on the dock just like they did. I'm lacking a dock.
I still want to paint my chairs shiny black and find a pretty spot for them with that big black pot.

Make that 3768 projects.


quilly said...

Oh! I knew someone who spent more money on her garden per month than I did on my rent! She used to go to garden exhibits to see what other people did to make certain she was doing something unique and different.

In other words, unlike you she wasn't positive and enthusiastic about what she'd seen, but scornful and dismissive. I much prefer your enthusiasm. Can't wait to see where you put those black chairs -- are you going to make us wait while you do all the projects in order?

Jodi said...

The dock is the sinker in that photo-I know! put a dock in your ditch:) maybe not. I love that idea too!

Sharon said...

A cocktail, while sitting in those chairs on a breezy summer evening.. lovely! I like it.

(I left you a gift on my blog)

joan said...

love the photo and love the adirondack chairs in black! They are so perfect in that setting! It's on my list to go buy a pair today myself! But they will be NE white!