Friday, June 12, 2009

Winter / Summer

Summer is here! Yikes.
I can't keep up, every year it's the same story. I think everything is going pretty good,and then bam! The gardens explode with weeds, everything needs to be mowed or pruned or picked.
I race around as fast as I can but no matter what I do I can't catch up.
The fantasies of moving to a condo return.

Next winter when I can't wait to get my fingers in the dirt, I'll look back at this post.
Here's the veggie garden in summer.

And winter! Brrrr.

I'm weeding, planting, transplanting, waging war with slugs and bunnies - they don't seem to want to share.

If I need a break from the garden there is always this cabinet to work on, replacing glass, fixing the door...and then paint...hmmm.
I'm thinking white, with a little scuff sanding on the edges...or maybe silver...or gray?


quilly said...

What's with the big ball of wire?

AND, Kenmore Air should be dropping me in Friday Harbor a week from tomorrow!

Jodi said...

LOVE the summer winter pics...Awesome garden

Shelly said...

Quilly - That's another "Goodness, gracious, great ball-o-wire!"
My attempt to recycle crap into garden art. Everybody who comes to the garden comments on it - some like it...some don't.
Good conversation starter if nothing else.
So, how long in FH? We're headed out there on Sunday for a B-day party. Hope you and I can meet up on the deck at Downriggers while you're game?
Or...we could go for a walk up to the Mausoleum and then a snack on the deck at Roche?
Oh...I'm getting island fever!

quilly said...

We'll be there through July 17th, and I think a meet up would be great. I won't actually be on the island until about noon on June 21st. Before I leave Hawaii, I'll send you an email with my cell #.

Mal said...

I just love it when you have "condo fantasies" :)

Dianne said...

I love your veggie garden!

I have half a dozen projects half done, they haunt me

Lori said...

I am hearing you about the weeds. Its a never ending saga. I always seem to have way too much to do in the summer. I planted a ton of stuff this year. Sunflowers for my girls (they actually planted). Mint for moi, dill, rhubarb, a ton of veggies, well mostly tomatoes. Tomato upon tomato. 42 tomato plants. Yup. 42. We live, eat and breath tomatoes.

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Blog hoppin today, and saw your cabinet project.

Have you seen where an accent color is painted behind the shelves? Tres chic! Or, a funky fun newer wallpaper? Wall decals might be easy and inexpensive as well.