Thursday, September 3, 2009

I know I'm not the only one

It's a little out of control.
Just a little.
It's not something that bothers me, or my husband.
But I know it's a little over the top.
I've heard it tagged a few different ways.
A friend openly calls herself a dish wh*re.
I'm right there with her.
It's time to clear out the kitchen and dining room to get ready for the big smash-up in the they call it.
I started with the stemware. There's a lot of it, I'm just moving it out to a cabinet in the party barn so it's safe and easy to get to if I want a champagne flute while I'm sweeping up sawdust, plastic cups just don't do it for me...especially with champagne.
I giggle when I go out to the party barn and see all of the stems lined up.
Looks like we should have a party...pick a glass and we can make a beverage to coordinate with the stemware.

Moving on to dishes...and china...and teacups.
Guess there should be a tea party too...
And maybe a girls coffee time.

It can't be all's not like there's a twelve step program for it or anything.

Is there?


Lori said...

Oh man- I had not heard of it. But glad I am not the only one. You should see my collection. Its a wonder that my china cabinet doesnt fall through the floor.

You must have some kind of ESP. I was thinking about you yesterday and thought I need to go visit this Old Farm and see what Shelly is up to.

Glad you stopped by.

Quilly said...

Do you ever plan to move? I'm just asking because I've been talking with moving companies and they all want to come and do my packing for me so nothing breaks.

jkluginbill said...

Dishes are good. I {heart} can never have too many. I wish I had more! I will get more! A trip to the LC thrift store is in order!

bobbie said...

Funny. Before I moved to this tiny house with little storage room, I went through everything, and got rid of so many dishes! The following Christmas my daughter-in-law thoughtfully gave me a whole new set, saying she had notice I didn't have a complete matching set. Oh well. She meant well. It's a pretty set, but - where to put them?

Dianne said...

see now, I'm not into dishes at all

but glass!!! oh my, glass is crack to me
all shapes, all sizes

for the love of a house said...

Too funny! I don't do all the dishes, those I keep pretty simple, but I love me glasses!!! And I hear ya on the plastic- yuck! In fact when we go on car trips we take glass wine glasses along! Cuz I like me wine too!
Good luck with "de-construction!"

Jodi said...

Ask Tami about the 12 step program for dishaholics. It is not workin for her. Demo is fun!

Tami said...

Hey- You're back! Hope you are having fun with the remodel. We are not doing ours this year- I chickened out.

I do feel a little like I was thrown under the bus with this post... I can't believe Jodi thinks I have a problem.
Your friend, the dish ho