Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Turn Back the Calendar!

That's right...turn it back.
Back to June...I want a do-over.
Not because it wasn't right the first time, but because it was so sweet -
great weather,
great houseguests,
fun parties,
things got DONE!
The garden...oh the garden - the best year ever. The freezer is filling up fast with organic fruits and I'll pick-shuck-blanch-cut-freeze another 50 ears of corn. I think that will get me close to the 200 mark, 200+ ears of corn, beans, raspberries, squash and goal this year was to focus on not letting my garden produce get away from me and go to waste - it happens too often.
My only garden regret is rhubarb, I didn't get one single stalk into the freezer, oh well...there is always next spring.
And speaking of next spring...maybe we could just turn the calendar FORWARD!
The kitchen remodel is freaking me out, can't turn the calendar back on that one, the cabinets have been ordered and should be finished pretty soon. Yiiiikes.
I've been in the garden, hiding from the decision making process.
I haven't started demo,
I haven't decided on countertop.
Hey...I have an idea ;) pick.
Hubby and my BIL picked the exact same one - I think it's too busy.
What say you?

While you're making up your mind I think I'll go make a giant batch of applesauce and put it in the freezer.
Happy choosing!


quilly said...

If your cabinets are to be made of that wood, then the 3rd one.

Send corn.

Anonymous said...

3rd from the left

kenju said...

Third from left is best with that wood, although 4th would do as well.

Mary said...

lOVING YOUR BLOG - why did I miss you for so long ? Jealous of your garden - mine is done with temps down to 35....buuuurrrr. Have a great weekend

Sharon said...

I choose the center big one. Peter chooses the one next to the black one.

I see compromise in our future.

for the love of a house said...

Hi Shelly!
Wow, you had a great year in the garden! I'm so jealous!! How wonderful to have a freezer full!
I vote for the absolute black (?) granite on far right, or second choice would be the sample that has coral in it! And these all look to be "honed", yes??!!!
I'm guessing the guys picked the first on left?!
Which one/s are you leaning towards?

Shelly said...

Quilly -
Next year I'll just plant you your very own row...the award for being the best commenter ever!

Anon- I like how you think.

Kenju- My first and second choices!

Mary-Thank you! I'm totally hooked on yours too...some rainy day I'm going to sit down and read all of your posts so I can know the whole story.

Sharon - Whoa...that's exactly the way it played out here, now we're going to have to flip a coin...I need to find a trick quarter so I win.

Joan - The garden is still producing..hehe..punn intended ;)
Honed surfaces are finally hitting the area, we're always the last to get the trends. I really like the coral one as well, hubby likes the one to the left of the black one..the one you guessed they chose is actually the same stone...just different slabs - I think he's cool with my choice since he spends very little time at the kitchen counters! Gotta teach that man to cook ;)