Monday, May 25, 2009

The Deer Hunter

Quietly... she approaches.

She is walking very slowly, something is off. She doesn't usually walk, she lopes...or gallops.
She appears to be carrying something in her mouth. She almost appears to be shy...she's acting like she does when she's in trouble.
Oh dear, what is that in your mouth Bergie?

She finally gets up the nerve to come close, she that I've convinced her she's not in trouble...she's almost proud.

Oh. My. It's a deer tail.
Oh puppy...
Where have you been and where is the rest of the deer?

Would you look at the grin?
It's kinda creepy.


quilly said...

Somewhere there is a deer with a very sore butt ...

Most likely, she found a poacher's leavings. Next time, I'd much prefer she come home with a piece of the poacher's butt.

bobbie said...

If only she could tell us the story.

sauerkraut said...

rabbit's foot.

a very big rabbit.

Dianne said...

I'm with quilly

that is a wonderful grin! she is quite a character

Jodi said...

I love a smiling dog! Bergy good girl!

joan said...

OH MY!!! That is one happy, grinning dog- she does look very proud! Really good photos- they so tell the story, you can see her looking pensive as she approaches. poor deer bum! How long before she finally put it down? Does she still have it?!

Shelly- thank you sooooooo much for the wax paper tip- I LOVE it! I've been using it in unpainted wood drawers too, just to give a little liner with out the whole shelf paper thing! It's especially perfect for the candle drawer!
Your top photo is gorgeous!

Melli said...

Ohhhhhhhh noooo! I'm with Quilly! I think she found leftovers! But OH WHAT A FIND for sweet Puppy! And I bet she WAS proud!