Saturday, May 2, 2009

This Chicken Doesn't Care

This is where I should be checking in today at about noon.
But I'm not.

Oh my goodness.
Blogland is humming with what I'm calling "Pig Flu Posts".
Everyone has quite the opinion on what everyone else should be doing, goodness gracious!
Here's what I say.
Use some common sense people, settle down and settle in.
Play it smart...or play fast and loose and suffer the consequences.

Today was supposed to be departure day for a family adventure with my mom, sister and sister-in-law. We were flying to San Diego, staying at the Hotel Del Coronado tonight and then going on a little cruise to Mexico for four days.
We're not going.
Mom has a kidney condition that has left her with a seriously compromised immune system. She's finally off the chemo and steroids...yayyyy! But she needs to be careful and avoid putting herself into risky situations.
We've rescheduled for September.
Call us sissies, chickens...say we're overreacting to the media hype.
I'm tough, I can take it.
I'm protecting my's what all good daughters should do.


quilly said...

I don't think panicking is going to change much of anything. There is no sense in taking unnecessary risks, but there is no sense in locking ourselves in the house, either.

If you are following the news closely, you know that far more people have lived than died -- not that getting sick is any fun! But those that have died either already had some strike against them, or waited too long to seek medical help. Postponing your trip seems wise.

Dianne said...

the entire swine flu thing is nuts and the media needs to have its ass kicked for the way they cover things

BUT ... Mexico does have issues right now - hell, water isn't even running in some places and Mama is feeling better, it would be silly to risk that.

September is just around the corner

theSNAPsisters said...

Sorry to here your mom is not feeling well:( i hope she feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

Hotel Del Coronado isn't the same since they stopped offering kippers on their b'fast menu. You folks could rent "Some Like It Hot" and have all the fun of being in the hotel without the hassle.

The Keystone ferry could substitute for the cruise and you get to sleep in your own bed.

Rositta said...

There is a certain amount of over reaction happening for sure but if the media didn't report and it got worse they'd get crucified wouldn't they? What is strange is that most deaths occurred in Mexico. We have cases here too in Canada but no one has died and they are all mild. Absolutely someone with a compromised immune system shouldn't go anywhere near people with colds or flu. Your a good daughter...ciao

Lori said...

Everybody's got to do what they feel is right. Thats my thinking. My Mom is compormised as well and I dont think I would risk it.

Tami said...

Oh my! I just realized you didn't go. I was going to call you to find out how the cruise went...
How disappointing. I hope September works out.