Friday, May 15, 2009

From Creepy to Tiki

When we bought the property where our cabin stands we considered hiring a bulldozer and taking down the existing was pretty gross. The funky structure was solid, but nobody had ever lived in it... unless you count rodents and gophers. We decided to put on our masks and gloves, clean it, strip it down to the windows, doors, siding, the works - we're still running wires for the solar system and we should have running water by the end of summer. Yippieeeee!
The picture is of the shed in the back yard, we talked about demolishing it as well but it has come in handy for storage so we're doing a little work to it...trying to make it a little less ugly.
Today we put up rafters to extend the roof line, tied in the support posts and - yiiikes - I helped put up the 18 foot 6x6 header!
It's starting to look a whole lot better, I wasn't sure that was even possible.

I'm back home tonight cruising blogland for tiki bar ideas.
Fire up the generator honey...we're makin' pina coladas!


quilly said...

You can buy some great luau/tiki decorations cheap-cheap at Oriental Traders. Give them a peek. (Some of their stuff looks cheap but they have an occasional great buy).

bobbie said...

Sounds like a pretty ambitious undertaking.

Mindy K said...

This should be a fun project. Looking at you barn, I know this will be great. Happy Tiki ing.
Talk to Tim Zylstra for tiki ideas. He is tiki man.

Lori said...

I know you are having fun with your tiki project. I wanted to let you that I posted the tart. I left out a few elements but it was CRAZY delicious just the same! Thank you again Shelly.