Friday, May 2, 2008

B is for Bovines

Buckin' bovines to be precise.
I wish the photo was a little clearer but to get a bovine to buck isn't an easy task.
Last week we let "the girls" out to pasture for the first time this spring. It's a big day around here and we always invite our friends over to help out, just in case the gals bust through the fence....they are unpredictable to say the least.
Some of the gals refuse to come out of the barn, some nose out gingerly, and some blast out of the door...buckin' and crow-hopping for all they're worth.
In a very short time they are all grazing on the lush spring grass, as if they've been there all along.
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Anonymous said...

A couple of Granda's bovines used to buck all the time! We called it skipping. That is pretty much how they moved from the milking barn to the pasture every morning. It is a funny sight to see.

MaR said...

Love seeing "the girls" on their first time out to pasture this year!!
Happy PH and happy weekend, mine is posted here.

Robert said...

I think it's great that it's not clear. It adds movement to the scene and illustrates their excitement to get out. Well done!

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Shelly! I like the picture. I have never seen a bovine buck before. It is kinda funny. Have a good weekend. Lisa

Tami said...

Mmmm...I know you don't put faces on the blog, butt that is a lot of back ends. hehee.

Melli said...

LOL! I think I'd be a buckeroo if I was locked up all winter! Matter of fact... I'm SURE of it! Glad to see them out and about! I guess they LOVE spring!

Minkydo said...

I almost miss the cows on my sister's farm. Cute pic!