Sunday, May 4, 2008

D is for Dome

The dome of the silo, this view taken through
the magnolia blossoms.
The Husband used to talk about demolishing the silo, these days
he says he wouldn't knock it down unless we win the lottery. That
would be really amazing since we never buy tickets.
I say leave it, I love the look of a silo on a farm. My lottery dream
is to knock down all of the other barns that have been added on to
the original old hip-roof barn. Then restore it as close as possible
to the original structure, and trick it out so we could live in it.
I've always wanted to live in a big old barn.
Hey, just dreamin' here.
Oh...and the silo? Leave it standing all on it's own. With
a beautiful lawn surrounding it...and maybe a zip-line tower
that you could ride down to a swimming pond.


Nessa said...

Nice shot, peeking through the flowers.

Karen Coutu said...

What a beautiful shot! The flowers and the sky are gorgeous. The perfect D photo!!

Robert said...

I love how you composed this shot. The foreground color with the dome in the background really is creative and works well. I enjoy coming here to see what you come up with. Thanks for your nice comments on my post as well.

Fans of Cash said...

I'll get my suit -you start that swimming pond!

Minkydo said...

Creative shot. I love silos!

jkluginbill said...

Excellent shot...Let's get that zip line started. I love a good zip line.

Anonymous said...

I love the artistry of this shot. V ery well done!

Diane Mandy said...

I love old silos. I hope it stays for a long long time!

Melli said...

Oooooooo I LIKE that dome! And I like the way you DREAM too!

Lori said...

I love the alphabet idea. Should have thought of that for my blog and different foods! Clever!