Monday, May 5, 2008

E is for Entomology

Entomology: To study Bugs!

I've been out playing in the dirt a lot lately, and with dirt comes bugs.

Flying bugs, hopping bugs, creepy crawly bugs. I don't know a whole

lot about them, I don't know exactly which ones are bad and which

ones are good.

Of course I know that aphids suck the life out of my roses,

and leaf-rollers do a whole lot of damage to.... duh...leaves.

What do centipedes do? I saw lots of them when I was planting seeds

this week. Are those bugs I saw in the organinc garden area going

to become worms in my radishes and carrots?

Ah well....what will be will be.

I really just grow for fun anyway, not so concerned about yield.

I've never sprayed

my fruit trees, one of my instructors back in my

horticulture study days was a total jerk to me when I said I didn't

spray my trees. He taught a class about fruit and nut trees. The

guy was a nut, and I thought he was a little spray-crazy. I heard

through the grapevine that he was ill, I wonder if it was all

that crazy spraying he was doing. Makes ya wonder doesn't it?

Around here we just kinda let the bugs.


Robert said...

Looks like you're not the only one keeping busy. These little bugs are working hard too.

MaR said...

Unfortunately your pic isn't showing for me...I love your choice for E, bugs don't bug me and will be back to see your shot.

Anonymous said...

A bug's gotta eat ....

Some of those critters in your garden are there to chase the others away. Spray kills indiscriminately.

Dianne said...

I think your bug is a real cutie :)

and I love "what will be will be" and "let a bug be a bug"

words to live by

Minkydo said...

Thank goodness, it's still too cold for bugs here in MN.

Pretty picture!