Wednesday, May 7, 2008

G is for Grass Down

"He's got grass down" is farm talk for mowing down a grassy field to make hay or silage. I took this photo this morning over at "the twenty", that's farm talk for twenty acres that we own across the road. We don't farm our own land any more, it's all leased out to a neighboring farmer. All day yesterday he was mowing our fields and his. Tonight the crew came over with the big rakes, choppers, dump boxes and trucks. Here in farm country this activity is called "puttin' up feed". It worked out pretty cool that today is the letter G and it's a big day here for grass. The letter G is missing in a lot of farm talk, which I call "farmese".
Just a few examples:
puttin' up feed
makin' hay
mowin' grass
talkin' to the bank
milkin' cows
feedin' calves
choppin' corn
oh...this list just goes on and on...
guess I was purty lucky to find a G today...doncha think?
this is kind of a goofy post...but it's been a long day and I'm plum tuckered.


NW Nature Nut said...

This photo project is so much fun! I wish I had joined in. I might do my own sometime. Its fun to "tune in" each day and see what you've come up with!

Robert said...

Very cool Shelly. Not only do we get a beautiful picture, but a lesson in farmese! For us city folk, it's very educational. :)

Anonymous said...

Shelly, I spent a lot of my childhood on a farm. Is that why I have no g's? Can I sue my Aunt and Uncle?

Aaachoooo! Oh yeah, I remember why I don't live out there any moorachooo!

Carletta said...

Hay season!
Here in rural West Virginia I know that of which you speak. My stepdad still works in the hay - he loves driving the tractor.
This was a great G pic.

Minkydo said...

I can smell it from here :) It will be a few months before our farmers can do this.

Terra said...

I enjoyed readin' this post about missing g's.
Hey you have some good titles on your to be read stack. Mine is a tall stack also, or shall I say, stashed on book shelves, next to the bed, on the coffee table, etc.

Melli said...

Now wait... you don't farm your own land anymore... you lease it out. But you DO farm land across the way? I'm CONFUSED!!! LOL! It's a great shot though - I like it when the grass is down! Smells good!