Friday, March 25, 2011

"You need to blog"

"You need to blog".
That's what a longtime friend told me yesterday, but the old Bloggie Buzzard seems to have landed here at this old farm. Nearly every day I think of a topic to blog about but they get dismissed as too negative, too close to ranting, or dull... then something pretty pops into my line of sight and I think I should turn into a little post about the pretty thing but it gets dismissed. Blogland is overflowing with people who do pretty so very well, there is truly a plethora of pretty out there in the Bloggerville.
So, I'll just carry on here with my projects...none of which seem blog-worthy. I'm truly loving my new kitchen, even though there is still a fair amount of finish work to do. The old cabinets will get a fresh coat of paint and we'll install them in the party barn, that will be like another kitchen remodel!
The weeds are growing, the seeds are purchased for the veggie garden...of course this year will once again be "the year" where we truly get a handle on the yard...but of course we all know how that goes - the garden fantasy vs. the gardeners reality...the garden wins - or shall we say the weeds win. When the weeds win we'll smile... again, and once again we'll say "next year"!

Of course it's not all work and no play around here...the photo is one I took at Twin Rocks in Oregon on a great trip with "the girls"...thanks for letting me tag along ladies!

In a couple of days I'll be getting my passport stamped, maybe I'll come back home with a photo or two and a story that's "blog worthy".
Ya just never know.