Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Light on the Horizon

I make a dash to the grocery store to pick up some ingredients for a cook-a-rama.
While I was stopped at Main waiting for my turn a low rider sedan passes in front of me...all three passengers have sideways ball caps and are slumped down in their seats. Odd...I think to myself. I pull out behind them and we get to the stoplight. While we're waiting for the light to turn I watch them pass a crack pipe - lovely.
It made me sad...what the heck is happening to my little town? Did they just come from the grade school? It was only a mile back from where I noticed them passing.
I had visions of them parked at the convenience store right next to the school, it's a huge hang-out for kids...it's where they buy junk food, pop and deep fried joes. Guess it would be a good place for the creepy peeps to hang and set up shop.
I know...my wild imagination.
Fast forward.
This morning.
Still working on the cook-a-rama. Cracking the last of the crab to put into the freezer, blanching and shocking corn on the cob. Still wondering about my little town. Out of the corner of my eye I see someone in a hot pink sweatshirt coming down the driveway. A woman I don't know...must be car trouble. I open the front door and she asks me if I know a specific young lady, whose name she gives me. In her hand is a handful of credit cards with the young lady's name on them. Ms. Pink was out for a walk and happened to notice the cards alongside the road, our farm was the next stop so she came down the driveway, knocked on a total strangers door and asked if I could help her locate the owner of the cards.
Thank you Ms. Pink.
You didn't know it but I really needed someone to remind me that this is still the sweet town I've always known and loved.
I got in touch with the young lady's husband...they're stopping over tonight to pick up the cards.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Be Still My Heart

I'm in love.
The search is over...I've finally found it.
The barn of my dreams, OK....barn(s).

This is it, they don't have barns like this where I live, so I guess I have to move.
To Michigan.
Where it seems there is a plethora of beee-uuuu-tiful barns.
The Husband and I took a short trip to see my fabulous cousins - honestly...they're fabulous. R.W. and M.E...their initials stand for Really Wonderful and Marvelous Entertainer!
We had five days and four nights of perfect sights, wonderful company, lots of laughs...serious R & R all the way around.
I know I know...we were there in September so the weather was perfect for this sissy girl. I know the summers are hot and muggy and the winters are bitter cold...so cold my favorite gal at the post office who used to live there says your nose hairs freeze...ow!
But I love barns...serious barn love is a problem.
I think I could handle the weather...
if I lived in a really cool old barn.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

What's That Weed?

Weeding like a maniac...here at the farm and over at the cabin. I've been weeding here at the farm for 30 years...I know every weed, when it sprouts, when it sets seed, how deep the roots go, if it's clumper or a runner...and if I have to get nasty and use an herbicide.
But the cabin...oh goodness gracious the cabin.
The weeds there are evil, mostly stickers.
Last year a new weed sprouted at the cabin, and it didn't have stickers! It was even pretty, and it thrives in the heat with very little water...it's even my favorite color of green.
I've asked several people if they know what it is and if it's noxious, but nobody has a clue.
So...I'm calling on a professional. My neighbor at the cabin, he's a weed patrol extraordinaire.
Can I keep it or do I have to clobber it?