Sunday, August 30, 2009

Surfing for Surfaces

So...I've finally tweaked the kitchen cabinet design for the last time - they're ordered! Yikes.
New dishwasher and fridge - chosen and ordered.
Next up?
Floors and counters...
Plain Jane, practical and economical farm girl that I am ...I'm seriously leaning toward Formica.
I don't drive a foreign car, don't have any fancy high heels like Manolo's or Jimmy Choos...never has a fancy handbag caught my fancy.
Since I've never done this before I'm trying to challenge my own thought process. Will I be sorry I didn't take the big leap and go for the granite?

I'd love some advice, Formica? Granite? Tile? Composite?

Next week...flooring...oh, I'm going to miss my curling 70's linoleum...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Party's Over

Oh...I suppose.
That's as good a blog title as any.
It was an unintentional month long blogging break....I guess we could also call it
*And she lived to tell about it!
*Are you still here?
Fifty ways to hit fifty.'s true. This old gal at this old farm hit the big five-oh, and it didn't hurt even a teensy bit.
Somewhere in that month I
got a job
quit that job
got rehired
quit again
had some wonderful house guests
had a not-party birthday celebration
went to a few outdoor concerts with fabulous friends
got invited to some really great parties
nailed down the design for the kitchen remodel
freaked out about kitchen remodel costs
moved the fridge to discover rotting floor
decided kitchen remodel isn't optional, it's mandatory...
unless I wanna fall through the floor

I was a whirlwind month, several times I tried to sit down and blog...but the words
just didn't flow...yup...the girl who can hardly talk today because she wore out her voice last week can't pull together enough words to write a paragraph or two.
Odd..I know.

So, if I find more words I'll be back..if not...I'll pop in now and then and read what the rest of you are doing out there in blogger land.

I'm off to the lumberyard and then it's time to sit down and plan the kitchen demolition...
I just love the feel of a properly balanced wrecking bar ;)