Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

From all the smokin' hot girls here at this old farm....hehehhe.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful Time!

Dianne asked for some Bergie snow pictures. Awwwww! Do I have any?...uh, just a few.
So Di, here ya go. Berg is a snow maniac, this pup smiles a lot anyway.... but snow, oh beautiful snow - she loves it so!
The captions are in Berg-speak, goofy I know...but let's just go with it, for the heck of it.
"Really? A request for pictures of me in the snow? Cool!"
"Hey Shell, you gotta click faster than that...hop to it and pay attention!
Get with it or you're gonna miss all the action."

"Woohooo...I smell possum in the tool shed!"

"Whoa, it's gettin' kinda deep, hey ...there's somethin'
down there in all that fluffy stuff."

"You comin' slow mo?"

"I love this stuff!"
"Hang on a sec, I need a rest."

"Oh, a bird....I'm goin' that way next."

Thanks for stopping by folks...until next time.
Right now Bergie needs to go out and chase an imaginary snow monster.
Anybody need some exercise? She'd love the company.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Whine in Seattle

Warning: This is a cranky lady rant.
I'm calling it Whiney Seattle.
Yup, whine...not wine - although there are some lovely spots to enjoy a glass of wine in the city.
Nope...I'm talkin' about all you Seattle whiners.
The northwest has experienced a really unusual weather pattern which has resulted in record snowfall. What are Seattleites doing? Whining... whining like little babies, grown men are on the news acting like a pathetic four year old, complaining about the fact the the city hasn't plowed the streets like they should. Poor little whiney Seattle men can't jump in their Beamers and drive to Starbucks every four hours...poor little sissy boys.
Carports are collapsing because Seattle men are too lazy to climb up a ladder and slide some snow off the roof. If you're stupid enough to park your vehicle under a structure that obviously wasn't built to handle a heavy snow load...uhhh...maybe you deserve a smooshed car.

While I'm giving you a little cranky lady smack down.
There aren't enough snowplows in the whole state to keep the Seattle city streets plowed, King county simply doesn't get enough snow to warrant keeping all of that equipment in their garages!

So, sissy whiny Seattle folks. Get off your duffs, pick up a snow shovel and quitcherbitchin'.
My own 75 year old mother has been shoveling her own sidewalks for the last week, she says it's really great exercise and she feels so proud of herself when she's all done.
I'm so proud of my mom.
I'm also proud of my husband, he's been up on the barn roof shoveling the snow. You won't catch a farmer whining about how nobody comes to shovel his snow for him.
I'm so glad I married a real man and not a sissy-city-whiney-lazy-bum.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Merry!

Merry Christmas everyone!

It's snowing as I write this, it's going to be a white Christmas here at this old farm.
We're digging out the driveway with a tractor so that they can get in with a cattle truck, there are a few big mama cows here that have to move to the other farm before they have their baby calves...looks like there will be some Christmas calves! comes another tractor. Hmmmm.
Guess I better get out there and lend a hand.
I'm off to bundle up in my snow boots, scarf, ski coat and hat.

I want to wish you all Christmas blessings!

Thanks for stopping in at this old snow covered farm.

* the photos were taken Monday night at a holiday dinner at my friend Tamis was bee-uuuuu-teeee-ful! And yummy!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baby it's Cold Outside

Yikes. Here's the view from my front window. It's
The Husband and I needed to go to the city this afternoon, he had an appointment about 15 miles from the farm. We bundled up, threw a shovel and blankets in the back of my 4 wheel drive rig, two cel know...all the stuff they say you ought to have with you if you're going to drive in the snow. We'd had several conversations about whether or not we should go, I said "we can always turn around".
Well, we drove a mile.
We turned around. There were a few times I could hardly see the road because of the blowing snow. There was a moment where I wasn't sure if I was in the right lane...not so good, kinda freaky actually.
A couple of hours later my cel phone rang, it was mom. My big brother called her, he was worried about us. He knew where we were headed, thought we were already there, his advice? Don't try to come home, go to a hotel and wait out the storm.
I love my big brother.

Peeking out at the front porch sidewalk. door....slam door closed.

*Update. The few vehicles that are going by have their flashers on, uh oh...that usually means somebody went in the ditch. I'm so glad we turned around.
Be safe out there people!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Pretty Enough to Post?

Just popping in to say hey there.... and yes...I'm kinda missing my blog pals.
Having a great time here decorating and visiting with old and new friends.
Almost finished shopping, the house is stocked, the recipes are lined up and the social schedule is just busy enough to keep me amused but not send me down CrazyLane.
This morning I finally spent a little time making the chest in the living room look festive.
It's just an old glass column, some leftover ornaments that didn't go on the tree...and a few greens and sticks from the yard.
I like it, twas simple, easy and cheap...makes me so happy.
I like it so much it it inspired me to post...woohoooo!

Next up? The dining room table...hmmmmmm....I think I'll go find that old chipped punch bowl.
I hope it's pretty enough to post, wish me luck!