Wednesday, January 27, 2010

For "the girls"

Or....the project that ate me up...hopefully it will spit me out ;)

My girlfriends haven't seen me for a while...heck...I haven't seen me in a while!
The kitchen remodel is in full swing, walls are coming down, windows are changing or getting eliminated...all in the name of progress. I love it, most of the time. Except for times like today when I had a rather intense discussion with a plumber, then my hubby, then my helper, then the electrician...ayyyeeee!
When it was finally all over and I thought I could finally put away my hammer and start diner...the washer overflowed, over the floors that I SAID should get sealed first.
Crabby farm girl.
But I have a laundry "room". My washer and dryer are no longer in my kitchen...they can no longer be seen from the front door...I am over-the-moon-happy!!!
I guess that makes me a grown-up now, because I have a la la la laundry room!
This photo is for Mary...look Mar! No back entry wall! Cool huh? The kitchen feels huuuuge.

Lookie lookie...I have a "laundry room". All smiles. can't see the washer and dryer because they're hidden behind that little wall, groovy baby.

And a back door! Where farmer hubby can come in, hang up his coverall and not get hay all over the kitchen.

I'm doing a happy dance and singing a happy song.

Now that all of that water from the washer flood is cleaned up....and the guys admitted that I warned them this was going to happen.
Just so we're clear.
Right boys?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cuckoo for Coco

The uncertainty over the living room color is over, no more doubts, no scrunched up nose, no more squinting of the eyes.
Saw this photo over at Houzz.

It's Coco Chanel's living room, hey...if the color was good enough for Coco I think I can look at it in a little different light.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Just cracked open my fourth gallon of paint...for the living room alone.
Stucco = yucko...and no...the room isn't huge.
My paint guy said he loooves stucco...of course he does!
Not even sure I like the color, keep telling myself I need to just finish and put everything back where it belongs before I start all over again with another color.
Still haven't come up with "my word" for 2010...
maybe it should be a phrase.