Saturday, May 30, 2009

Crazy Recycle Lady

That's how I feel.
Like the crazy recycle lady.
The tiki bar is slowly taking shape...of course the lumber is recycled.
I don't know the story of the support posts or the rafters, I bought them from somebody else who had a lot of used lumber they needed a home for.
But the 2x12's that we used for the bar top...this is the third time I've built something out of the same boards, and I'm pretty sure this is where they'll stay.
It looks unusual, maybe a little goofy...
Goofy works for me.
Next step is sanding and I can do some sitting and sipping!

Have a great weekend, be sure to enjoy your views ;)

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Deer Hunter

Quietly... she approaches.

She is walking very slowly, something is off. She doesn't usually walk, she lopes...or gallops.
She appears to be carrying something in her mouth. She almost appears to be shy...she's acting like she does when she's in trouble.
Oh dear, what is that in your mouth Bergie?

She finally gets up the nerve to come close, she that I've convinced her she's not in trouble...she's almost proud.

Oh. My. It's a deer tail.
Oh puppy...
Where have you been and where is the rest of the deer?

Would you look at the grin?
It's kinda creepy.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Orange Explosion

In a couple of days there will be an explosion of orange on my driveway...
Strangers will stop...slowwwwly drive in, pause for a few moments, and then leave.
It's OK...I can share - the poppies are only beautiful for a little while.
They don't like rain, they tend to drop their petals if they get too hot.
But it's worth it for the fabulous show they put on, even though it's brief.

It all started with one poppy transplanted from my moms.
They set seed, and multiplied,
over and over...
year after year...
and ta daaaaa...
it's a giant poppy party.

Friday, May 15, 2009

From Creepy to Tiki

When we bought the property where our cabin stands we considered hiring a bulldozer and taking down the existing was pretty gross. The funky structure was solid, but nobody had ever lived in it... unless you count rodents and gophers. We decided to put on our masks and gloves, clean it, strip it down to the windows, doors, siding, the works - we're still running wires for the solar system and we should have running water by the end of summer. Yippieeeee!
The picture is of the shed in the back yard, we talked about demolishing it as well but it has come in handy for storage so we're doing a little work to it...trying to make it a little less ugly.
Today we put up rafters to extend the roof line, tied in the support posts and - yiiikes - I helped put up the 18 foot 6x6 header!
It's starting to look a whole lot better, I wasn't sure that was even possible.

I'm back home tonight cruising blogland for tiki bar ideas.
Fire up the generator honey...we're makin' pina coladas!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

My mom and my two little sisters.
I think this photo was taken in 1966. It was for a feature story that the local newspaper was doing for Mothers Day.
I can't believe I found it! I'm not one of those super-organized people when it comes to photos...or anything else for that matter. lolol

We've had a busy weekend...spoiling moms with flowers, dinners out...
just plain fun - for our moms and for us too ;)

Happy Mothers Day to all of the moms out there!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Ladies

Thought I should offer a bit of floral loveliness and take a break from all of the bovine babble.
When I was a kid we called these "Lady in the Bathtub"...I've always liked that name a lot better than "Bleeding Hearts".

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Good Morning Ladies

Spring has sprung at the cabin.
The balsam root plants are blooming.
The cows are out on our lower range before they
move up to the high country for a few months.
I feel like I'm on a speeding train headed straight
for summer.
I need to remember to take the time to look out the window and enjoy the ride.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

This Chicken Doesn't Care

This is where I should be checking in today at about noon.
But I'm not.

Oh my goodness.
Blogland is humming with what I'm calling "Pig Flu Posts".
Everyone has quite the opinion on what everyone else should be doing, goodness gracious!
Here's what I say.
Use some common sense people, settle down and settle in.
Play it smart...or play fast and loose and suffer the consequences.

Today was supposed to be departure day for a family adventure with my mom, sister and sister-in-law. We were flying to San Diego, staying at the Hotel Del Coronado tonight and then going on a little cruise to Mexico for four days.
We're not going.
Mom has a kidney condition that has left her with a seriously compromised immune system. She's finally off the chemo and steroids...yayyyy! But she needs to be careful and avoid putting herself into risky situations.
We've rescheduled for September.
Call us sissies, chickens...say we're overreacting to the media hype.
I'm tough, I can take it.
I'm protecting my's what all good daughters should do.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Hottie with a Heifer Body

We let the cows out on the pasture a few days ago. It's officially spring here when the ground is dry enough to let the girls out of the barn after a long winter inside. It's always a bit of a rodeo for the first five minutes, then they settle down and start to graze...I guess that would be like eating a fresh salad after eating crackers (hay) all winter.
They were all running around bucking and crow-hopping...making a loop around the lagoon, headbutting and having a good time.
Except for little miss attitude here, serious attitude.
Notice the placement of the hooves...strike a pose baby.
"I think this is my best side, see? Look...I don't think this is the best shot - how about like this?"
What a diva.

And then there's this girl...not really in the mood for a photo shoot.