Friday, May 1, 2009

Hottie with a Heifer Body

We let the cows out on the pasture a few days ago. It's officially spring here when the ground is dry enough to let the girls out of the barn after a long winter inside. It's always a bit of a rodeo for the first five minutes, then they settle down and start to graze...I guess that would be like eating a fresh salad after eating crackers (hay) all winter.
They were all running around bucking and crow-hopping...making a loop around the lagoon, headbutting and having a good time.
Except for little miss attitude here, serious attitude.
Notice the placement of the hooves...strike a pose baby.
"I think this is my best side, see? Look...I don't think this is the best shot - how about like this?"
What a diva.

And then there's this girl...not really in the mood for a photo shoot.


quilly said...

Every playground has one ....! LOL!

Lori said...

Dang- I have never seen a cow move like that. Okay I know I am a city girl.