Saturday, September 12, 2009

How Grandma Stimulated the Economy

Here's where I'm going tomorrow night.

And here's where I'm going on back on Saturday.

Mom gave us kids a money gift last Christmas. I asked my baby sister what she was going to do with hers and she said she wanted to go on a cheap four day cruise with mom. I told her that sounded like fun to me...count me in!
We took our Christmas money and bought tickets for a cruise.
Then we needed to find air fare to San Diego.
Of course we all needed to buy a few new things to wear, ya know a girl has to dress up for dinner on those cruises....don't forget accessories...and cute shoes!
Maybe a new bra for that cocktail dress that dips a bit too low in the front.
Sunblock...4,8,15 & 30.
Sunglasses, readers for hanging out by the pool and reading a book.
Spanks...duh...remember that cocktail dress? Mandatory.
Maybe some new flip-flops.
Tank tops are on sale right now!
Does my sundress look too shabby? Oh look...there's one on sale.
Assorted toiletries in those oh-so-handy travel sizes...keeps the weight down on the luggage - I'm all over lightening the load when I don't have hubby with me.
Of course we can't fly down there and get on and off the boat and then fly back! We have to add a day at the beginning of the trip and at the end...wouldn't want to rush too much ;)

So...multiply these purchases by six. Mom, me, baby sister, middle sister, sister-in-law and darling niece.

That's how grandma stimulated the economy!


I know the stories will all be worth that big Visa bill next month.


Quilly said...

Oh I wish I was going with you! I hope you all have a blast. Be sure to blog about it when you return.

tami said...

Bon Voyage Ladies!
I'm sure you'll all look just stunning. Have fun!

bobbie said...

Have yourselves a wonderful time!

Dianne said...

an all girl adventure!!
take lots of photos

Sharon said...

Oh my gosh! have fun!

What happens on a cruise ship stays on a cruise ship!

You should probably pick up some new sandals and a sundress there too..

Jodi said...

Just a little advice the martini's on board can really ding ya in the end. Have Fun!!!

Lori said...

wahoooooooo. I know you are back now given the title of your next post but I bet you had a lot of fun.