Wednesday, January 27, 2010

For "the girls"

Or....the project that ate me up...hopefully it will spit me out ;)

My girlfriends haven't seen me for a while...heck...I haven't seen me in a while!
The kitchen remodel is in full swing, walls are coming down, windows are changing or getting eliminated...all in the name of progress. I love it, most of the time. Except for times like today when I had a rather intense discussion with a plumber, then my hubby, then my helper, then the electrician...ayyyeeee!
When it was finally all over and I thought I could finally put away my hammer and start diner...the washer overflowed, over the floors that I SAID should get sealed first.
Crabby farm girl.
But I have a laundry "room". My washer and dryer are no longer in my kitchen...they can no longer be seen from the front door...I am over-the-moon-happy!!!
I guess that makes me a grown-up now, because I have a la la la laundry room!
This photo is for Mary...look Mar! No back entry wall! Cool huh? The kitchen feels huuuuge.

Lookie lookie...I have a "laundry room". All smiles. can't see the washer and dryer because they're hidden behind that little wall, groovy baby.

And a back door! Where farmer hubby can come in, hang up his coverall and not get hay all over the kitchen.

I'm doing a happy dance and singing a happy song.

Now that all of that water from the washer flood is cleaned up....and the guys admitted that I warned them this was going to happen.
Just so we're clear.
Right boys?


theSNAPsisters said...

Nothin makes a girl happy like a mud room!

Dianne said...

I'm thrilled for you!!

the view all, all, all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy outside from your kitchen is to die for

my laundry room is in the basement, in the corner, in the dank and dark
I commune with spiders as I fold and fluff

tami said...

Good for you! Your light fixture is the same one I have in my laundry room.
How much longer will you be able to make dinner in the kitchen? I can bring you a meal when you're ready. Keep me posted...
I thought about calling you this week but don't dare get in the way of progress.

Jerrie said...

I knew you'd blog! :)

No need to make dinner - sandwiches at Eastside are just as good! Well...maybe not daily.

The remodel is coming along! What fun.

Shelly said...

Jodi - Oh's not nearly finished and I am crazy-over-the-moon-happy!

Di - The good thing about your basement laundry is that it's hidden, mine was in full view of the front way to was nutso. Oh yah...and I'll always have lots of spiders's a farm ;)

Tam - The chandy has been in the garage for about five It was supposed to go in the stairwell and we never got around to hanging it, after shopping for something new for the laundry room I said "let's just use that old thing until we find the one I have in my head".

Jerrie - I have a little craving for an Eastside sannie ;)

quilly said...

So here I am wondering if your washing machine is empathetic and did overflow just to prove you right. (Its way of thanking you for it's new room.)

Shelly said...

Quilly - I think you're's just me and Maggie the Maytag here among the hovering clouds of testosterone, the old gal just decided to throw out a one-two punch...I think she cried all the tears I was holding back out of freakin' frustration...but it's all good - progress baby, progress!

for the love of a house said...

Congratulations Shelly on ALL of your progress! It looks great and I'm soooo happy for you!
You are going to sooooo love having the washer & dryer hidden in it's own litle room.
New Kitchen, new mud room, new laundry room.... life is good!!