Monday, April 5, 2010

Hurry Hurry Stop!

We pulled it off.
Everyone is happy.
I love spending holidays with family.. but sometimes it's a bit of a challenge to make sure that we don't play favorites.
Easter Sunday was fun, lots of family, food, chatting, driving...and it went off without a hitch.
But then I saw this field of tulips...take a right and pull over honey!
Hubby pulled over, he doesn't really get the whole photo thing...sweetie...I really need you to come to a full stop so I can get a good shot ;)
I really wanted to get out and take more photos, actually I just wanted to stand and stare at this glorious riot of color.

Isn't this just crazy beautiful?


quilly said...

Glorious! Amoeba has a seminar in Oak harbor the 16th -18th. Will they still be out?

for the love of a house said...

Crazy!!!! Makes me miss the Northwest....

Tami said...

So pretty! Fred is off this week and we are going for a drive. With the weather forecast we may have to stay in the car. No tip toe through the tulips in this rain and wind!

Shelly said...

Quilly - I took this shot on the Young Road I MIL said that she read that they will be trimming some of the tulips this week - but I'm pretty sure that there will still be fields of late bloomers when you go - if not...Roozengarde is always a good option for some stunning display garden shots!

Joan - Makes the heart go pitty-pat doesn't it?

Tam - Hopefully you'll get a few weather breaks...the report keeps changing!

Jodi said...

LOve all the color! Going to see for myself on Sunday. Hope it's nice:)

Lori said...

It IS crazy beautiful. My husband doesnt get it either. And I'd have to say that I would have to spend at least 20 minutes or so there- just taking pics and breating the air!

Anonymous said...

this picture stopped me have the coolist blog and I just have to remember to always check it out. I have never seen the tulips, can you believe that? Are they happening now? Miss you .......thanks for the birthday wishes, love you, di