Thursday, May 6, 2010

Here Chicky Chicky

I want chickens.
Everywhere I look I see really groovy chicken coops, cute chicks following mama hens. Hubby is totally against the idea, he says I'm too busy...and he's right.
The kitchen remodel is still hanging in the balance.
There is a garden to be weeded and planted.
The cabin is a work in progress.
There is a half-finished waterfall in the back yard.

Monday was the frosting on the cake, we were standing in line to board our plane on the way home from vacation...and there were chickens on the runway.
I think they're trying to tell me they want to come live at my house.


Anonymous said...

i want chickens to sister!!

susie said...

Chickens will do the weeding for you! Scott and joey have chickens and I love them....the 'compound' yard is clear of weeds, and once you get it all set up, they are very self-sufficient (sorry Vern).
How was the trip??

quilly said...

You were in Hawaii weren't you? they are wild and they are everywhere!

Jessica {The Novice Chef} said...

I want Chickens too! I keep telling my hubby I need 2 or 3 hens...and he tells me...Honey, you live in a townhouse. No chickens.

Lori said...

Chickens on the run way eh? What a hoot.