Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The cabinets are coming, the cabinets are coming!

Ok...they've been in the garage for months...but tomorrow they're getting installed, I wish it was me (and hubby) doing the installation but he's drawing the line - he won't budge - he won't install cabinets with me.

Sunday we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary, two months ago we took a wonderful sailing trip, a gift we gave to each other...we think thirty is a really big deal, we love sailing so that was how we opted to mark this memorable occasion.
The photo is of us after a great week on the boat...bliss baby.
We both want to take another sailing trip, the dream is to go to the South Pacific.
What do sailing and cabinets have in common? In my cajoling conversation with hubby about cabinet installation...he said "you really think we'd still be married if we tried to install those cabinets on our own?"
He has a point, cabinet installation is tricky,
and I want another anniversary so we can go sailing again.

I give.


Lori said...

Congratulations! On both the anniversary and the cabinets. 30 years is a big deal! Especially these days.

quilly said...

Happy Anniversary1 and happy cabinets, too1

Tami said...

Happy Anniversary! That husband of yours is a really smart guy... Know when to get some help!

It will be nice to have a part of the remodel go quickly.

Jodi said...

Happy Anniversary!! WHat a great looking couple of old farts you are!

Cindy said...

Hi Shel ~

Thirty is a "really big deal"! Congrats to you both...and blessings for the next thirty...and the cabinets, of course!


Dianne said...

Happy Anniversary you crazy broad you
and good for hubby saying no to cabinets :)

beautiful photo