Sunday, September 12, 2010

What's That Weed?

Weeding like a at the farm and over at the cabin. I've been weeding here at the farm for 30 years...I know every weed, when it sprouts, when it sets seed, how deep the roots go, if it's clumper or a runner...and if I have to get nasty and use an herbicide.
But the cabin...oh goodness gracious the cabin.
The weeds there are evil, mostly stickers.
Last year a new weed sprouted at the cabin, and it didn't have stickers! It was even pretty, and it thrives in the heat with very little's even my favorite color of green.
I've asked several people if they know what it is and if it's noxious, but nobody has a clue.
So...I'm calling on a professional. My neighbor at the cabin, he's a weed patrol extraordinaire.
Can I keep it or do I have to clobber it?


quilly said...

I asked me resident botanist. He looked at the photo, but without details he can't help. He needs a good enough picture to visually identify individual leaves and their growth patterns. He would also like, if possible, photos of flowers and/or seeds.

shelly said...

Oh Quilly, you're an angel. I'll get better photos next time I'm there for sure. Tell OC it has a fairly strong odor...think pine tree crashing into a marijuana grow room ;)

Dave Sabold said...

Artemisia annua - an annual relative of sagebrush and wormwood. Used for wreaths and as an herb. I like the smell!

Shelly said...

Thanks Dave! I like the smell too ;)
I'm so happy I don't have to get rid of it - thinking about doing the happy dance.

Lori said...

Oh cool. I love when a weed is useful!

Dianne said...

looks like an octupus in disguise

I never know what anything is

was thinking about you