Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ladders and Bits and Pliers...Oh My!

And saws and dust and giant messes.
Soooo...the "remodel recess" is over - time to start whacking away again, on to the dining room!
More layers of flooring to peel back, once again we're having to cut a grid with a skill saw and use pry bars, hammers - and lots of muscle.
Just like the kitchen, five layers.
Berber carpet, over glued down 70's "indoor/outdoor" - isn't that what they called it? The indoor outdoor was glued down to some old 60's beige fake stone linoleum...which was glued down to plywood - which was megga nailed into some groovy 40's linoleum-ish stuff that I kinda like. Under all those layers is the original t&g fir flooring which is in pretty tough shape.
I'm throwing in the towel on that one and covering it up with a floating wood floor.
I'm tough...but not that tough, no more refinishing of wood floors for this least not on the main floor.
Maybe ;)

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quilly said...

I know where your farm house really is! All this time you've been lying and you're really in Idaho. That is Grandma H's old linoleum. I remember it well. And if you're living in Grandma H's house, then you must know my cousin Clint because he lives there, too!