Tuesday, November 23, 2010

At Least It's Not Snowing

And we have power.
Sure...it's cold.
But there aren't any big snow drifts.
The water lines aren't frozen (yet).
Look honey...there's a beautiful ice skating rink in the back yard,
look how the sunlight makes it all look so pretty.
Oh goodness..the ice skating rink even goes into the barn!
We can do a loop-de-loop!
Let's call our friends and have an ice skating party ;)
We'll have to move some of the furniture...oh wait...it's stuck to the floor by the ice....oh well...they'll just have to skate around the furniture.

Isn't it pretty?

It reminds me of that pretty pond we had in the back yard last summer.

Denial...it's a good thing.
Just trying to make a positive out of a negative.
Life is good.
Ice dams in the ditch in front of my house are good.
No..really...it's all just stinking good.


Tami said...

Actually, I like furniture in ice rinks. It gives me something to grab hold of as my feet fly from under me. I'll be right over with hot cocoa and schnapps.

If nothing else you can forget your probs.

Charlene said...

Ice skating! I gave my skates to a niece when she was 10. She's got kids now. I wonder what happened to those skates.

quilly said...

1.) Love your header.

2.) Advertise your ice pond and charge an admittance fee -- it'll help pay for the barn repairs.

3.) Love your sense of humor.

4.) Happy Thanksgiving!

Jodi said...

Ice castles baby!

for the love of a house said...

Holy crapola.... that's some Ice!! so sorry. But, on a happier note- your photo in your header slays me. So if that's your view, I'm thinking you can put up with a little "ice", yes?!! Hope it's gone soon- crazy weather!


quilly said...

Congrats, Shelly. you won Punny Monday and all the glory associated with it.

SouthLakesMom said...

And because you won, I came to see you. Wow, that's some cold looking frozen stuff!

I guess you wouldn't want to call the hunters back to charge them admission to a little 'ice fishing' pond?

Lori said...

Oh man! What the hay? I see that I somehow missed this post. I hope things have cleared up by now.