Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Back on the Ladder...Again

In keeping with the age old remodeler mantra "as long as we're at it", I decided to get rid of the heavily textured walls by applying several coats of drywall mud.
I've been craving flat walls for years, this is my chance, before the new floors go down and we wrap up this silly little project.
It's a lot of work...but it's pretty good exercise, what the heck - I have the time since finding a "real job" doesn't seem to be in the cards.
It seems like I've been at it forever - I sorta have...five skim coats takes a lot of time.
Of course there have been interruptions, many in fact.
It goes like this, mud - party, mud - party, mud - party...
Sling mud, put all mud stuff away and wipe the house down for a party.
Host the extended family Christmas party.
Sling mud, put all mud stuff away and wipe down the house for a party.
Have all the neighbors over for dinner since our closest neighbor and renter is moving away (insert sad face).
Sling mud, put all mud stuff away and wipe down the house for a party.
Have the "Seattle Girls" over for a ladies luncheon.

The ladder is back in the house, the mud stuff is out and I don't have a party on my calender...
I offered to have a wedding reception at my house last night but my mom stepped in and had it at her home.
Looks like I just might finish this monster before the first day of spring...

Unless of course I can think of another reason for a party.


quilly said...

You could have a "just because" party. Those are the best kind!

Our Christmas Open House was a huge success. People are still asking when we're going to have another!

Sharon said...

I drove by your house yesterday and I think I still saw these sheets over this furniture. Do you need some help? I'll be up there again in a couple weeks, I think.