Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Calming Colors

Yesterday morning was spent painting out in the party barn studio, I'd been wanting to eliminate the colorful walls for quite a while...wanting to get away from the energy of reds and yellows and going for a simpler palette of greys. I love how it's all coming together, there is a mural of clouds up in one of the eves that I don't intend to change - it was my first attempt at painting a large scene and it was so much fun I doubt it will ever get covered up as long as I live here.
After a morning spent painting I picked up my baby sister and we headed to the big city for a concert and lunch with my darling niece. That's where I got into trouble, no...not the kind of trouble you're thinking. No car trouble, or money trouble or speeding ticket trouble.
Color trouble.
We went to Agua Verde for lunch, it's been on my list now for quite a while...and I absolutely loved the restaurant...but what I loved even more was the mural.
Ohhhh...the mural, the clouds, the color, the giant flowers!

Fire up those brushes baby...I feel a giant floral mural coming on.
OK, not really - but wouldn't this be cool?!?!!!!!


Jerrie said...

Beautiful mural. I love bright colors with neutral walls - gives you so much choice!

I am planning a trip to the big city for our anniversary. I tend to stick to the U district. I don't know why but I love it there - must be the energy! :)

quilly said...

Why not really?

Dianne said...

It would be very cool!

as quilly asked - why not?

Shelly said...

Jerrie- If you're looking for a sunny spot for a little snack go to Agua Verde...we loooved it!

Quilly and Dianne - Um...I guess because it would be such a huuuge undertaking - and there are about a zillion other projects I should finish first...lolol ;)

Lisa said...

Awww Man. I WANT TO HELP!!!! I wanna paint big flowers on the wall!!! Pick me, pick me!!!

lifeinredshoes said...

Thanks for stopping by, are you wearing red shoes?

Lori said...

Very neat idea witht he flowers. I love looking at murals. I am always amazed at the scale of the paintings. Will you be putting in a grey sky to match your walls?

By the way, I was telling my Mom about what you said about Mrs.Michelle Barack's dress. She said the same thing! I had a feeling she would.