Sunday, February 22, 2009

Raccoon Rascals

The mystery of the muddy pawprints has finally been solved. All winter I've been noticing muddy paw prints on the lawn furniture that is stored out in the barn, I couldn't figure out who the dirty rotter could be. The prints were too large for a cat..unless it was a verrrry large kitty. Possum? No. Puppy? No, if she's in the barn she's running around...not sitting on furniture.
Yesterday I was playing around on my computer and something caught my eye out in the front yard, two raccoons were running around like they didn't have a care in the world, last week it was a coyote, this week week?


Diane Mandy said...

Lions, Tigers, and Bears..Oh my!?! I hope not!

quilly said...


Give the raccoons cleaning rags and send them out to tidy up after themselves.

Ziongirl said...

Oh, those little critters. At times I see them a the cat dish outside along with a few gray fox.

Dianne said...

he looks like he's skipping! maybe he wiped his feet this time