Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Messies

Dark cabinets...

Or light painted cabinets.

I love the cream colored kitchen...hubby likes it too.
But I think we have to go with a wood stained cabinet look.
I found these pictures online cruising real estate listings...these condos have the same layout but different color schemes.
The layout is quite similar to the layout of the kitchen upgrade we need to do here at the farm. When I look at the two photos side by side I really prefer the cream colored cabinets.
But I don't think I can have them, it's just not practical.

We're messy... plain and simple. Call us Mr. and Mrs. McMessie.
Hubby farms, he's dirty. I garden...I'm dirty.
We eat almost all of our meals at home. I cook a lot, and I don't mean popping something out of a cardboard box and shoving it into the microwave.
I chop, slice, dice, saute, fry, bake, and kitchen gets a serious workout. That means splatters and spills, hubby opens cabinets with sticky fingers and no amount of whining from his lovely wifey will change this behavior.
So...I think dark cabinets are our only option - to hide some of those splatters and sticky finger smears until they get cleaned up by yours truly.
If anybody has any advice for me on kitchen remodels I'd be more than happy to hear it, all I know how to do is dream about a new kitchen...never really done more than that.

For my irl friends, looks like it's going to happen.
I'm getting that kitchen upgrade that this old farmhouse is sorely in need of.
Guess we better plan a little farewell party for those nasty 60's cabinets and the lovely 70's linoleum.
Maybe it should be a demolition party.
Champagne and crowbars ...
I just love a good theme party.


quilly said...

Well, the white cabinets look cleaner, but they surely won't if they're covered in food and dirt and grease! Unless you want to spend everyday scrubbing cupboards, you're probably right and should stick with the dark.

On the other hand, how about a lighter colored wood? It would still hide the splatters, but would give the kitchen a brighter feel.

tami said...

RSVPing for the paartay! I'll bring treats as you won't be able to use your kitchen.

Seriously, I like the wood in the photos, the counter tops look prettier. And if you're on the fence, check out my white cabinets on a daily basis...sad.

See you tomorrow! Yay! I can not believe you thought Sam was doing my shopping. Trust me I have been to four grocery stores for the exotic ingredients on my list- no joke! Oh, and three trips to the liquor store. yikes

theSNAPsisters said...

I like the cream ones. My mom would say...then you can see the dirt on them and clean it up.

Mindy K said...

The dark ones pull the brown from the counter. Love that. You could tone it down with accessories. House jewelry if you will.