Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Favorite Evening

I'm exhausted...but it was all worth it.
Last night was one of my favorite evenings of the whole year, it was our annual progressive dinner / garden party.
When I get overwhelmed with how much time and energy my yard and garden's all worth it when I can go out with a clippers and a bucket of water and pull together an arrangement for a party. Yesterday I grabbed a couple of slips of scrap paper leftover from making my menus for the party...and ta daaa...the arrangement came together in no time flat - there is just so much to "pick from" here at the farm.
The really great part was that the arrangement perfectly picked up the colors of the drinks I served, sangria with slices of orange and lemons.
The funny thing is I was trying to pull out the colors of the menu and table settings, such a happy coincidence that I ended up with a drinkie matchy matchy, wish I could say I planned it that way ;)

Here is a little peek at the menus from each home...oh goodness gracious it was all so good - there are no words.

The menu for main course here at the farm.

Tami's menu for the appetizer course.

and Karen's menu for the dessert course.

I'm going to try to post recipes later on this week, Tami made a special request for a couple of them and I'm happy to share.

Good food, good friends...good times.


quilly said...

Sounds scrumptious! I most definitely shouldn't have read this post before dinner! I am hungry!

Blushing hostess said...

So beautifully done, I wish everyone who posted on events like this took the time you all did in making it special and perfected. Lovely. Just lovely.

Dianne said...

you're a goddess, you know that right?

Lori said...

whoa, it all sounds so delicious. I am drolling here over the dessert menu especially.

I am so glad you like the sangria- we did as well. Matter of fact I think I am going to make it for a picnic this Saturday. hmmm.