Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tunnel Vision, The Remodel Saga

Goodness...I didn't think that lighting would be where I would get stuck. So many choices - and I like them all!
This one is Limoges, it's one of my favorites but I don't really like the cord, it seems a bit cheapy-creepy. It seems to me that Limoges and exposed cords shouldn't go hand in hand. Yes, I'm an opinionated farmgirl indeed.

Is there light at the end of the lighting tunnel?

Don't you love this? It's a photo of my girlfriends driveway.

My posts lately have been quickies, or... um...nonexistent.
The kitchen thing is fun, but it's where all of my creative energy is going...blogging is taking a back seat for sure. I haven't been visiting other blogs much but hopefully I'll be able to click around and see what's shakin' the blogosphere soon.
I'm finally wrapping up the materials gathering phase, I haven't smashed a single thing yet. A friend advised me to make sure I have all of my decisions made and my materials chosen before I start demo, and since we'll be doing a good portion of the work ourselves it's not like I can go out shopping while the carpenters are doing the labor...this old farmgirl is the laborer. Woohooo!
The one thing I didn't have definite opinions about was lighting. Now I know's because I like it all! Well...except for that look where there are fifteen pot lights scattered all over the ceiling - not a big fan of that.
Come along...go light shopping with me..and please, opinions are most welcome!

Cool, I like this one. Oh...wait a minute - it's a whole lot like the fixture I've had in my kitchen for the last 25 years...
moving on.

Bling? In my kitchen? It could be fun, I saw something like this last year on a holiday home tour and loved it. Oh wait, I'm not a bling girl, more of a barn boots and hair out of the way kinda gal. Oh...and this one was a spendy little number.

Totally love the shape, but yikes...wayyy too shiny and bright. I like dull, well... I like dull surfaces - not dull parties or friends.

Industrial meets schoolhouse, would I get sick of it?

I like the lines, it just seems a bit heavy for the space.

This one is pretty dang cool, it looks blown glass. I sure wish the folks that make my favorite Limoge fixture would take lessons on cords from this manufacturer, this is beautifully done.

So, I think these are my choices...until I go to another lighting store, or Home Store, or junk shop.

Don't worry, it's not all work and no play around here. I finally made it to the city to take my darling niece for her 21st birthday lunch....delightful and truly lovely...oh yeah...the food was good too.

I'd love a comment or two, help me choose....because I really do like them all ;)


quilly said...

Not the frosted shade, it won't give off enough light. Not the chandelier, it will gather grease and dust too fast in the kitchen. And most certainly not that chrome thing that looks like it belongs in ER!

tami said...

I like the last one. I do not like the chrome one. Bling in unexpected spots is FUN...
I hope this helps.
Lowes has fixtures that you can change the glass shade part. That might be fun to change with the seasons... You wouldn't get tired on the same old same old.

Lori said...

I dunno, I like all of them but nothing pops out at me.

I have found some cool stuff at antique stores but of course it takes time as there is now consistency.

I hope you give a tour of your new kitchen. I would love to see it when you are finished.

I love that pic of your girlfriends driveway. I love the colors in it.

for the love of a house said...

Lighting can get overwhelming!! So many choices. Remember how important "scale" is to the room! Also, check out Circa Lighting- they have gorgeous fixtures!
p.s. I want to know what the heck quilly is cooking in the kitchen to get grease on a chandelier?!