Thursday, November 5, 2009

Five Minutes, Five Bucks

Oh yikes...the front porch was looking nasty last weekend.
Even though I live in the boonies and trick or treaters are rare, I like to be prepared. I had a giant bowl of candy ready to go but...oh yikes, the porch.
The planters were filled with summer annuals that didn't have an ounce of lovely left in them.
Ta Daaaa....
Found these mums at the garden center for $4.99 and plunked the whole thing into the planter, garden center pot and all.
Why on earth do I wait so long to do this?


quilly said...

I was looking at Mums in the store yesterday. I left them in the store. Maybe I will go back and get them. Yours are lovely.

for the love of a house said...

Pretty is right!!

Dianne said...

they look lovely!!
I love Mums

and the shadows are wonderful too

Anonymous said...

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