Thursday, December 3, 2009

Peeling Back the Layers

While everyone else I know is decorating for Christmas...I'm demo-ing for the holidays.
The whole house is covered in a layer of plaster dust...I'm pretending it's snow, remodeling is like that...if you pretend it's really fun - then it is ;)
Oh yeah..and I haven't even started on the kitchen yet.
I'm in the office - doing demo.
Because the new kitchen plan doesn't include the washer and dryer in full view,
they have to move to the office.
The office has to move to the living room.
The office is also our dressing room - because old houses have teensy closets.
So my dresser is in the dining room, hubby's is in the living room.
Chaos...but fun chaos. I keep telling myself that.

Buckets and buckets of chaos.

Unexpected water a lake under the house - set up the pump and spray down the driveway. Funny how nobody wants to crawl under the house to move wires and pipes, a little bit of standing freezing water never hurt anybody!

Of course I have lots of helpers.
Official "plaster catcher"

Wallpaper I've never seen.
Pretty...buh bye.

Last week I was at the grocery store and I saw Caroline, she lived on this old farm before my in-laws. She told me that her kids were playing in her jewelry box one day and her wedding ring got lost., while I'm smashing and peeling and scooping up buckets of cracked plaster - I'm looking for Carolines ring.
Oh, how I want to find that ring.
I want to drive down to Caroline's house (she lives at the end of the road now), and give her back her ring, on Christmas morning.
That's the kind of stuff I dream about while I'm smashing old plaster.


quilly said...

Wouldn't it bee cool if you did find Caroline's ring? I will hope with you.

We have a lead on a house in Friday Harbor, and just a little over a month before we're there!

Dianne said...

I love that you want to find the ring so dearly, you're just a big softie :)

the photo of your plaster catcher is adorable

kenju said...

It would be wonderful if you find her ring!!

theSNAPsisters said...

I hope you find the ring!

for the love of a house said...

Hi Shelly! Ahhh, the joys of renovation!! Buckets, and buckets of fun- yes?!!! So glad you have such good helpers;) and I too hope you find the ring- that would be soooo cool!
Happy holidays,

Lori said...

That would be so nice, wouldnt it. What a joy to see her face brighten and then probably cry. I know I would cry. Good for you Shelly!

Mary said...

now I'm hoping that you find the ring