Saturday, December 19, 2009

Somebody's Gotta Do It!

So it might as well be me.
Tough duty, I know...testing the holiday cocktails.
My new favorite?
Champagne with a healthy splash of St. Germain...oh goodness gracious, I like it.
I've always had a fondness for champagne and a new version of a champagne cocktail was offered to me by my pal Lynne, thank you my dear friend...this is definitely a are you.

Lynne added some of her hand foraged huckleberries, they literally danced in the glass! I don't know how she got them to do that but I intend to find out.

Just so you know, this champagne cocktail goes well with everything...
especially a selection of fabulous desserts.
Yes was a very good week.


Mary said...

Looks bella - champagne is my favorite so I will give this a try. Carry on with your research...

Jerrie said...

Lovely! Testing the holiday cocktails is very does not want them to go untested! You are the perfect person to do it! :)

Happy December!

quilly said...

There is no trick to getting the berries to dance. Just toss them in! Champagne always inspires dancing. I thought you knew!

Dianne said...

carry on your research indeed! Mary made me laugh

sounds delicious, perhaps I'll have some for breakfast

tami said...

I found a pear cranberry champagne topper at Harry and David's last week. I am going to try it for Christmas brunch. With dancing cranberries, of course!

If you need help, I can come right over, because that is just the kind of friend I am.