Friday, December 26, 2008

Whine in Seattle

Warning: This is a cranky lady rant.
I'm calling it Whiney Seattle.
Yup, whine...not wine - although there are some lovely spots to enjoy a glass of wine in the city.
Nope...I'm talkin' about all you Seattle whiners.
The northwest has experienced a really unusual weather pattern which has resulted in record snowfall. What are Seattleites doing? Whining... whining like little babies, grown men are on the news acting like a pathetic four year old, complaining about the fact the the city hasn't plowed the streets like they should. Poor little whiney Seattle men can't jump in their Beamers and drive to Starbucks every four hours...poor little sissy boys.
Carports are collapsing because Seattle men are too lazy to climb up a ladder and slide some snow off the roof. If you're stupid enough to park your vehicle under a structure that obviously wasn't built to handle a heavy snow load...uhhh...maybe you deserve a smooshed car.

While I'm giving you a little cranky lady smack down.
There aren't enough snowplows in the whole state to keep the Seattle city streets plowed, King county simply doesn't get enough snow to warrant keeping all of that equipment in their garages!

So, sissy whiny Seattle folks. Get off your duffs, pick up a snow shovel and quitcherbitchin'.
My own 75 year old mother has been shoveling her own sidewalks for the last week, she says it's really great exercise and she feels so proud of herself when she's all done.
I'm so proud of my mom.
I'm also proud of my husband, he's been up on the barn roof shoveling the snow. You won't catch a farmer whining about how nobody comes to shovel his snow for him.
I'm so glad I married a real man and not a sissy-city-whiney-lazy-bum.


Jerrie said...

LOVE it! Thank you Shelly! As someone who happens to love the snow...all weather for that matter I am so tired of all the complaining. Really, what are WE suppose to do about it? Just make the best of it and carry on. In the summer it is too hot, in the fall too rainy...OMG there is SNOW, the wind oh-my-goodness make it stop.

Perfect post. And to all those who are bitchin' about the snow...I say bring it on (just to piss 'em off!).

Love ya.

Shelly said...

Jerrie - whewwww...I almost deleted this post because, I mean really...I'm just whining about the whiners. Thanks for the groovy comment!
I Love ya too!!!

Dianne said...

you could never whine! even about whiners!!

you're performing a public service by pointing out to them how they should shut the f up ;)

love the line about getting in their Beamers and going to Starbucks every 4 hours lol

I was really hoping to see pics of Bergie in the snow. Pretty please ... :)

Lisa said...

ROFL. You tell 'em Shell!