Monday, December 15, 2008

Pretty Enough to Post?

Just popping in to say hey there.... and yes...I'm kinda missing my blog pals.
Having a great time here decorating and visiting with old and new friends.
Almost finished shopping, the house is stocked, the recipes are lined up and the social schedule is just busy enough to keep me amused but not send me down CrazyLane.
This morning I finally spent a little time making the chest in the living room look festive.
It's just an old glass column, some leftover ornaments that didn't go on the tree...and a few greens and sticks from the yard.
I like it, twas simple, easy and cheap...makes me so happy.
I like it so much it it inspired me to post...woohoooo!

Next up? The dining room table...hmmmmmm....I think I'll go find that old chipped punch bowl.
I hope it's pretty enough to post, wish me luck!


Jerrie said...

Oh Shelly...I knew you'd be back! You have too much to share.

I bet your house is a dream at Christmas as you are so clever! The chest looks fantastic!

I'll be looking for a picture of the dining room table complete with chipped punch bowl.

Happy Christmas! ;)

kenju said...

It's very nice and you should be proud!! I have no decorations up yet.

quilly said...

This is pretty! Why don't you come decorate my house for Christmas. You have a blank slate -- literally!

Shelly said...

Jerrie - thanks honey...there's good spots, and not so good (messy).
Kenju - Thanks! I'm a little behind, but that's normal.
Quilly - I'll be right over as soon as I find my snorkel gear.

meili_lo said...

yes, it IS pretty! i envy your talent :o)

oh.. so sorry to hear that... hope there's a way of rebuilding it...

anyway, i saw you in one of the blogs i visted...i'm inviting you to share your thoughts in my blog...would really appreciate it if u can :o)


Lisa said...

Soooo pretty!
I'm glad you're posting again too. I was afraid you wouldn't be back until after Christmas.
I've missed you and your funny posts. :)

Shelly said...

Meili lo - Aw thanks, but you just throw some stuff in a vase.

Lisa - Thanks doll, I kinda feel like my funny is broken...cept I laughed really hard with my sissy yesterday...yaayyy!

Willow Decor: said...

We are also house-bound with a storm in Boston. Thanks for visiting Willow Decor. Have a wonderful holiday!
xxx-Gina :)

deserthorses5 said...

Very pretty! I LOVE seeing tables settings and house decorations! They give me inspiration!