Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful Time!

Dianne asked for some Bergie snow pictures. Awwwww! Do I have any?...uh, just a few.
So Di, here ya go. Berg is a snow maniac, this pup smiles a lot anyway.... but snow, oh beautiful snow - she loves it so!
The captions are in Berg-speak, goofy I know...but let's just go with it, for the heck of it.
"Really? A request for pictures of me in the snow? Cool!"
"Hey Shell, you gotta click faster than that...hop to it and pay attention!
Get with it or you're gonna miss all the action."

"Woohooo...I smell possum in the tool shed!"

"Whoa, it's gettin' kinda deep, hey ...there's somethin'
down there in all that fluffy stuff."

"You comin' slow mo?"

"I love this stuff!"
"Hang on a sec, I need a rest."

"Oh, a bird....I'm goin' that way next."

Thanks for stopping by folks...until next time.
Right now Bergie needs to go out and chase an imaginary snow monster.
Anybody need some exercise? She'd love the company.


bobbie said...

What great pictures! Gotta love a Lab!

Jerrie said...

Fantastic! Bergie is adorable...and all that fresh snow. She must think this is heaven! Perfect can anyone whine when the beauty of all this white makes your sweet Bergie so happy? (however I am NOT loving the slush...I cope by staying in drinking hot cocoa and schnapps!)

kenju said...

I saw a video today )via email) of a dog who is just like that. He loves the snow and burrows into banks of it and stays there!!

Dianne said...


thank you Bergie for posing!

thanks Shelly for posting them for me, she is such a gem

I love her

and OMG! that is a lot of snow!!

Lori said...

So cute. Reminds me of that video of the dog running through the snow. You dont see the dog you see something tunneling through the snow then up pops a dog!

quilly said...

Look at that face! I am glad Bergie loves the snow. Somebody should enjoy it.

Jodi said...

They just love that snow! Eddies legs are kinds short so he had to follow me and Charlie followed him.

Lisa said...

Bergie does look so happy in the snow. What a ham. :)