Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I didn't need to know that

Last week the furnace croaked.
Saturday the furnace sales guy came over, gave us the sales pitch, tried to sell us a heat pump (unsuccessfully) and today the new furnace was installed - sans heat pump.
Here's the deal. My house is 100+ years old, don't get excited...it's not a cool 100 as in built-in cabinets and character. It's a really simple plain farmhouse that was built solid but on a budget....no frills whatsoever.
The furnace sales guy crawled under the house to look at the duct work...he crawled back out and said it was icky under there. Duh...then he said something about a bio-hazard. Not really sure what that means, maybe because over the years a few critters were making themselves a little under-house home there.
I didn't really need that little morsel placed in my brain...under my current living space there exists a bio-hazard.
Today the installation guy needed to go under the house to add a drain pipe to the furnace...he said it was scary down there. He said that there is a tree stump holding up the center support beam of the house, if there is an earthquake - the whole house will cave in on itself - he advised me that if I'm in the house when there is an earthquake I should try to stay to the exterior walls of the house.
I'll put that on my "to do" list.
Thanks so much guys.
This is all stuff I would really rather not know.

I'm going back out to the garden where spring is making all sorts of beautiful promises...sunshine and lollipops and rainbows and daffodils.
There will be no talk of bio-hazards and structural instability in my garden.


quilly said...

LOL! So, what kind of bio-hazard? A dead mouse, or a dead cow? Makes a difference you know.

Rositta said...

Mouse poop is considered a bio hazard these days. My whole cottage attic is a bio hazard as for tree stumps, well my entire cabin is held up by tree stumps and you only have one to worry about, lol...ciao

Carletta said...

Love the header!
Came by to wish you a Happy Easter!

joan said...

Hi there! Fun blog! Used to live in Vancouver, WA. My mother lives in Oak Harbor, at least for five more days then she's moving to Louisiana. Washington is such a pretty place! We miss it!
I think you should remind these dudes, that if they can't say something nice (other than bio-hazard!) then they shouldn't say anything at all!
That's one cute pup on your sidebar!

Dianne said...

now if a woman went under there she would have come back out saying how lovely the underground foliage is and how sweet it is that you host a pet burial ground

screw those guys! they probably want to sell you duct cleaning ;)

Lori said...

Definitely do not talk about your blog to potential buyers for your house. Oh man. Oops. It probably is something like mouse poop.