Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A New Adventure

Finally...I can spill the news.
We bought a house on an island! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.
Things have been really crazy around here for the last couple of months, I haven't been blogging much because my brain has been on overload.

A couple of months ago I went to visit a dear friend out on San Juan Island. We had so much fun, she's a realtor and I helped her host an open house for other realtors at one of her listings. At the end of the tour we went to look at some other properties. While we were looking I asked her about a house I had looked at last year...it still hadn't sold and the price had dropped quite a bit.
Uh oh.

I've always wanted to have a place on the island, we've rented a couple of houses for the summer ...and we have friends who live there that we always have a great time with.

So, we made an offer..and it was accepted! We're going to open a Bed and Breakfast and live there. We've had offers on the farm so we've decided to sell while people are still interested in it, after all...who knows what's going to happen with the economy - strike while the iron is hot!

Hubby is looking forward to hanging out, hiking with Bergie and he says he's going to take up kayaking.
I'll be managing the Inn and doing the cooking. Hubby will take care of maintenance, maybe he'll even do some kayak tours - the house is in a perfect location for whale watching and kayak tours.

I don't have a lot of photos but here are a few to give you an idea of what the place looks like. We'll be doing some redecorating so I'll be posting about that and probably asking for some advice on how to make our guests comfortable.
Oh...and of course we'll be setting up a website for the place.
Such an adventure, I'm on overload!

Looking up at the house from the pool deck.

The view! The house is built so that you can see it from virtually every room.

The swimming pool, covered for the winter.

The breakfast nook in a turret!
Ever since I was a little kid I've wanted to live in a house with one of these!

I'm so excited...and I hope you will come stay with us at our B & B...I'll make you one of my specialties - a baloney sandwich....because that's what this story is - a big bunch of baloney.

April Fools!


quilly said...

I was so excited! I wanted to know which of the islands the house was on. You know I am going to be in the San Juans this summer and I thought how cool to be able to visit you ... and now I just think pft!

Lisa said...

OMG. I was so ready to be one of your first visitors... I was all like, wow! that's quite a change since the post about adding onto the farmhouse! But you know, I was thinking what an opportunity and why not jump into something new.

yeah, you got me. ;) good one.

Anonymous said...

you are sooo lucky!!!.. had I read that online I would have been very MAD!! I had my phone in hand to call you and inquire but kept reading so you didn't get an earfull!~ good one!~ love ya sissy

kenju said...

Well darn it, I was planning my trip!!

Dianne said...

I was going to ask for a chambermaid job!!

you're good

theSNAPsisters said...

OH poop!

Cote de Texas said...

omg!!! HOW EXCITING!!! Your new house looks gorgeous - those viewS!!! I am green with envy!!!! Congratulations - and use it good health!

Lori said...

OMG! I am nearly crying here I am so happy for you. How cool is that to realize a dream in som many ways, at so many levels. And how cool your husband is switching into new gears! What a grand new life for you both. A hearty COngratulations are in order. I have to say that this B and B is going on my vacation list! I just posted about a B and B today. So happy for you Shelly! And for your hubbie!

Blushing hostess said...

Congrats! It is stunning! All the best!

Carletta said...

YOU are so clever! I was smiling all the way through this post and so happy for you.
Great writing!
I'm reading some of the comments and maybe I should read again. :)

for the love of a house said...

Good one! I was so ready to book my visit!

bobbie said...

I am so happy for you! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when I hear of someone realizing a dream.