Monday, April 27, 2009

Bluebird of Happiness

Every spring these little guys are everywhere I look when I'm working at the cabin.
So cute, and sooo blue!
I wish I could get good pictures of them...they're so busy, snacking, fluttering, pecking at the bird seed I scatter for them. I don't have a snazzy camera so the odds of getting a good shot are pretty slim even if the little guys sat still for a photo-op.
I'll just enjoy them while I do my spring chores, I guess they're not the only ones who can't sit still for a good shot.
It's spring... the list of chores is long!
Things are growing and blooming.
Happy blogging garden girl ;)



Hey! I love, love, love The Thomas Crown Affair too! Great minds think alike. So, what are you going to do for the trip? Perhaps you could re-direct the funds to a G10 camera!

Jodi said...

Beautiful little bird-I wonder what they are called?

quilly said...

He looks too blue to be a Blue Bird, he must be a Jay.