Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dead Salmon on the Wall?

My little vice is magazines...always has been. Last week I was cruising through a shelter mag and I saw an article on paint colors. Oh dear, I found a color that I really liked...Farrow and Ball "Dead Salmon".
What the ????
No way.
Sorry Farrow and Ball.
I just can't.
Paint names matter to me, call me a sissy-girl.
My house is Edelweiss with Stonewall trim.
The studio is Sunshine, office / Buckskin, cabin cupboards / Heartsmere, dining room / Providence Olive...I gotta love the name to buy the paint.
Even though I love the color...I just can't smear dead salmon on my walls.


bobbie said...

Know what you mean. This one would throw me too.

quilly said...

I totally agree -- get them to rename it salmon pate and then paint your dining room that color ....

Dianne said...

why would they even use that name?

Mary said...

I SO agree with you ! I must be terribly out of touch - I've never heard of Farrow and Ball. Today two of you have posted about this company - Fabulously French is painting her shop "Elephant's Breath" must be some inside joke within the company -- ?

tami said...

What were they thinking? Almost politically incorrect here in the Pacific Northwest.
There are better paint colors, at least better names out there. Keep looking.

Lori said...

Dead Salmon- what moron named that paint. Elephants breath" What next ... dung brown. Goodness gracious.

They need to rename the color buckskin or baby fawn or something like that.

A Country Farmhouse said...

Hi Shelly, I totally agree! When we were deciding between the gazillion array of white swatches for our trim - I narrowed it down by name alone. How can you not? 'Dead Salmon'...what were they thinking? ; ) Trina