Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sink, Sunk, Sank

Shopping and researching sinks.
Thanks goodness for cousin Mary, the girl is a fountain of information. She told me about Houzer sinks and I just got off the website....after running around all day yesterday and not coming up with a single thing - here we go.
The whole sink thing has been a bit confusing for me. I think I know what I don't want - but I'm not sure what I do want.
The groovy new kitchen will have two sinks! After having a washer and dryer in the kitchen for almost thirty years I'm getting ritzy. Since the water pipes are already in the wall on that side of the kitchen I figured I should take advantage of the situation and have a designated clean-up zone.
So...I like this one.
Does anybody have any advice for me? I hand wash my wine glasses and delicate china and crystal...thought the built-in drainboard was a cool feature.


quilly said...

I do not like one hole sinks. The built in drain board though seems like a major boon.

tami said...

I have put the same sink in four houses. The deep side for pots and pans and the small shallow side for quick cleanups.
Still like it, maybe it is a habit.

Dianne said...

I love this sink!!
ritzy becomes you

Rositta said...

Definitely a friend in Germany has one and I was supremely jealous. When I get a new kitchen I will have one of those...ciao

Lori said...

As a "side sink" I would love this one. As a main sink- no - I need a two holer.

You know what I have always wanted is the spicket above the stove for filling up pots with water. I think that is pretty cool.

theSNAPsisters said...

I don't like the touch of stainless. It's pretty but I wont be able to wash dishes if I come over:)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. We have remodeled a number of homes and I must say that I like having a double sink with a disposal. I like the look of the stainless but just know that it scratches pretty easily. The sink you picked looks very European which is a plus. Enjoy and I can't wait to see the pics of your new beautiful kitchen.

shelly said...

Quilly - It's the secondary sink so I think the onesie part will be okay - love the drainboard idea too.

Tam - Sometimes habits are good! Cuts down on the decision making process.

Di - I'm soooo not ritzy...giggling.

Rositta - Thanks for the vote of confidence and glad you had a check one out and check in here!

Lori - Looked into the pot-fillers, a friend just put one in. It added too much $$ to the process, decided I could carry the pot to the stove, it's 24 inches away ;)

Snappster - Lol...I'm the same with cast, see the sink and think ohhh nooo...I'm gonna chip something. Ask your sister - I never make her do dishes, cmon over.

Anon- thank you so much for the kind words, please feel free to stop by anytime! I've had the same stainless sink for almost 30 years and it's crazy but I rather like all of the scratches...goofy I know. I won't be putting in a disposal because I'm a composter/gardener and IMHO they add unnecessary water waste. Hubby works in watershed protection so we're a little more sensitive than the average person regarding water resources.

Holly said...

As a secondary sink it's awesome! I have the ugly plastic drainboard out, seems like all the time! But I use it all the time!! Keep posting and revealing your sources as I'm getting ready to do mine!!