Friday, October 23, 2009

Time to DIY

The never-ending saga of the kitchen remodel...continues.

There is a little part of me that would like to have a section of my kitchen counter done in wood...not butcher block but face grain.
I've been doing a lot of online research and surfing through my kitchen books, boy have I seen some beauties...
Love the look!
I went to see a few people, talked about the pros and a rough idea on pricing from one guy - a thousand bucks for ten feet of kitchen counter.
Until today...when another guy called back with his bid,
drum roll please....
$2230.00 for a ten foot counter, no back splash... a hole cut for an under mount sink.
I think it's time to do a little more research, and perhaps it's time for this old farmgirl to get out her power tools.

I found this.
My recycle maniac is shifting into high gear.
Old maple gym flooring in 4' x 12' sections.
$108 bucks in materials...
plus some elbow grease and sandpaper...maybe a little molding, some tung oil.
If I hate it I'm sure I can find a home for it around here someplace.

Maybe I can sell it to some fool for two thousand bucks...

***materials the flooring for 30 bucks!!!
Yippieeee ;)


quilly said...

How about a wooden countertop with a marble inset cutting board? How cool would that be DIY girl?

And did you see my blog post on marble under mount sinks? Look it up.

Dianne said...

we were looking to re-do the kitchen counters
emphasis on WERE


joan said...

Nice buy! I tihnk it sounds wonderful!