Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Kit Kat, Snickers and Andes Toffee, all waiting in a really cute pumpkin bowl. I might get two trick or treaters if my cousin stops by with her darling daughters.
Hope hope hope.
It happens every year, I buy the candy just in case I get a few trick or treaters (few = 2).
That's how it goes when you live on a country road with no neighbors.

Oh happy day, while I was writing this post one of my girlfriends called and she's stopping with her grandkids!

I'm off to get my camera ;)

Wishing you lots of treats and no tricks.


Mrs Parks said...

We don't get ANY trick-or-treaters, but I live in fear every Halloween eve that one will show up and I'll have to be the crazy woman that gives them pennies or dog treats.

bobbie said...

On our quiet block, we don't get many. this year we got 10! And they were all small ones with cute costumes - no rude older kids who just demand candy. It was a good year.

Lori said...

SO did you carve that pumpkin?

quilly said...

For Halloween we went to a party, which means no trick or treaters were greeted at our home. The neighbors said there were a passel of them, too.

Melli said...

That's how our house is! After 22 years, I finally gave up buying candy 2 years ago. It wasn't helping MY waistline any!!! I'm glad you got to see a couple of kids! I didn't even see my OWN grandbaby! LOL!

Thanks for stoppin' by my kitchen too!

Carletta said...

Hi Shelly,
Love the orange lineup!

My neighbors brought their two little ones to see me. I had a special little bag for each of them. I love my five acres, but I do miss seeing all the kids in costume.