Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Freaky Photo Find

I was clicking around this morning, drinking my coffee, visiting a few blogs before I went outside to work on cleaning the Party Barn. I clicked on several blogs and meandered off into the cyber universe...random clicking and reading comments - you know the drill.
Lo and behold...I found one of my photos...on somebody else's blog - they were using it as the little photo that goes with their comments... it was such a strange experience. I know it happens to other people, I read on their sidebars about how they don't want their photos used without permission...I just never thought somebody would "borrow" one of mine. I know when you throw stuff out into the cyber world it's kinda free for the taking, I really never thought it would happen to 'lil ol me. In an odd way I take it as a compliment since I don't see myself as a photographer.
My camera and computer still aren't on speaking terms, my sissy came over today and tried to trouble-shoot for me...prognosis? She thinks I'm toast, not the language she used...but you get the picture.


kenju said...

I suppose it is a compliment of sorts to have a photo stolen. They could have at least asked!

Shelly said...
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Anonymous said...

I've noticed the same thing in the past couple of weeks with about 3 of my photos at 3 different sites! They've all left links back to mine, but it's still very odd not to be asked for permission when I went to the work of capturing the image! Who's to say I want my image on what they're representing on their blog?

Carletta said...

I so agree with anonymous. I have seen photos I knew belonged to someone else being used with a note about it being a good blog and you should visit. Then I go the comments and those people were shocked their photos were there - they definitely weren't asked. Would they be representing something I wouldn't want to be associated with?
I think they should have asked your permission and given you credit in their sidebar.